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Elevate your gardening game with ViAGrow, a powerful soil enhancer and plant growth stimulator. Designed to address partial nutrition in plant roots and soil microbes, ViAGrow increases microbial activity, crop yields, root growth, chlorophyll/brix content, nutrient uptake, and overall plant health. It also enhances plants’ natural defenses against pests and diseases and improves soil water retention by up to 30-40%.

Key Features:

Rich in complex organic materials, including 6% Humic Acid and 9% Fulvic Acid.
Contains three types of Sulphur and a range of rare Earth & Trace Minerals.
Utilizes proprietary technology for enhanced bioavailability and stimulation of beneficial soil microbes.
Available in powder and prilled (granulated) forms for versatile application.

Suitable for a wide range of areas, including lawns, garden beds, turf, pastures, and grains.
Can be used for various plant sizes, from small pot plants to large fruit trees.
Application rates vary based on area, plant size, and soil volume, with recommendations for both domestic and commercial use.
Can be applied wet (mixed with water) or dry (mixed in the soil).


Available in 200g, 800g, 4kg, and 15kg sizes in both powder and prill forms.
Money Back Guarantee:

180-day money-back guarantee for complete satisfaction.
ViAGrow is the ultimate solution for boosting plant health and yield, making it a must-have for gardeners and commercial growers alike​

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ViAGrow is nutritionally complete & molecularly empowered! A balanced blend of minerals & organics (high in fulvic – 9%).

ViAGrow Powder: When it comes to achieving quick results and producing high-quality compost, the powdered form of the product is the way to go. It can be easily mixed throughout soil or added to a watering can for application, although you may need to agitate it for optimal results.

ViAGrow Granules: If you’re keen on boosting everything from vast fields to tiny plant pots, then a granulated form is your best bud. The beauty of granules is that they release nutrients more slowly, so your plants can enjoy a steady supply of goodies. For even better results and more plant power, why not gently scratch those granules into the earth?

ViAGrow Benefits

Helps overcome problems when plant roots & soil microbes receive only partial nutrition...

  • Increasing microbial activity
  • Increasing crop yields
  • Increasing root growth
  • Increasing chlorophyll/brix content in plants & fruit
  • Increasing nutrient uptake
  • Improving plant health
  • Enhancing plants natural defences to pests and disease
  • Improving water retention in soil by up to 30-40%

ViAGrow Ingredients

ViAGrow is rich in:

  • Various complex organic (carbon) materials, especially highly active HUMIC ACID (6%) & especially valuable FULVIC ACID (9%)
  • 3 Types of Sulphur… 10% readily available to plants & 7% slowly oxidises.
  • Rare Earth & Trace Minerals.

Contents are molecularly empowered via proprietary technology for greater bioavailability. This provides your soils with the greatest boost to beneficial soil microbes.

Application Rates & Frequency

Suggested upper range of rates below for initial use or better still medium rates in quick succession. Future applications can then be reduced.

By AREA – Lawns, Garden Beds, Turf, Pastures & Grain
Domestic: 10g (8ml) to 100g (80ml) per square metre (up to 200g=160ml/m2)
Commercial: 100kg to 1 tonne per hectare
*Suggest testing split-rates of 200kg & 500kg/ha initially

BY PLANT SIZE – Fruit Trees, Vines, Vegetables, Flowers & Shrubs
30cm Pot Plant: 1 – 5g (1 – 4ml)
1m High Plant: 5 – 25g (4 – 20ml)
2m High Plant / Medium Vine: 20 – 100g = 15ml (1 tablespoon) to 80ml (5 tablespoons)
4m Fruit Tree: 80 – 400g (60 – 300ml)
Commercial: 200 – 1000kg/ha

1 to 3% of soil.
If soil or potting mix is low in nutrients and/or porous/sandy, consider an upper amount. E.G…
Small 15cm/2L pot of 1.2kg soil @2% = 24g (18ml, 1 tablespoon)
Large 30cm/10L pot of 6kg soil @2% = 120g (90ml, 6 tablespoons)
Note: Relative Density 1.3kg/L (approx.)

Can be re-applied 3-12 monthly. Apply less frequently as your soil becomes more alive & self-regenerates.

Application Method

WET: Mix with water up to 0.5 to 1%. E.G., 30mls (2 tablespoons) in 9L watering can. May require agitation. Apply to foliage and roots.

DRY: Best mixed in the mid-upper root zone. Scratch in as practical. If opting for dry surface application, then water in.

Money Back Guarantee

180-day money back guarantee from purchase if you are not entirely satisfied with your product.