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UGF 6-in-1 Organic Liquid Fertiliser

UGF 6-in-1 Organic Liquid Fertiliser

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UGF 6-in-1 is a revolutionary liquid fertiliser, acclaimed as a phenomenal and game-changing product by experienced agronomists and horticultural scientists. This super-concentrated plant booster, developed over 25 years in collaboration with CSIRO, contains the Unknown Growth Factor derived from fast-growing fish, offering numerous benefits to plants. It acts as a natural growth stimulant, plant tonic, microbes booster, root hormone, soil conditioner, and organic fertiliser, enhancing plant health and growth.

UGF 6-in-1 stands out for its unique composition, including over 50% cool processed, whole A1 grade, fast-growing fish, rich in valuable fish stimulants, amino acids, omega 3 & 6 oils, and deepwater kelp vitamins and nutrients. It is scientifically enhanced with naturally occurring humic and fulvic acids, selenium, and 70 trace elements, offering more bio-available nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium compared to common fertilizers. Active ingredients such as auxins, cytokinins, triacontanol, gibberellins, chelating agents, and mannitol contribute to robust plant development.

Proudly Australian-made and owned, UGF 6-in-1 is champion-approved and 100% natural, avoiding harmful chemicals to support long-term environmental sustainability. Whether for gardens, farms, lawns, or pot plants, UGF 6-in-1 ensures lusher leaves, vibrant colours, and overall healthier plants, making it the only fertiliser you’ll ever need.

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UGF 6-in-1 Organic Liquid Fertiliser is a revolutionary, super-concentrated liquid plant booster developed over 25 years in collaboration with CSIRO. It's an all-in-one solution acting as a growth stimulant, root hormone, organic fertiliser, plant tonic, lawn fertiliser, soil conditioner, and microbes booster. It contains over 50% cool processed, whole A1 grade fast-growing fish, rich in amino acids, omega oils, along with deepwater kelp vitamins and nutrients, scientifically enhanced with humic and fulvic acids, selenium, and 70 trace elements. Designed for serious growers, UGF 6-in-1 promises unparalleled growth, health, and resilience for plants and soil.

UGF 6in1 Organic Liquid Fertiliser Benefits

  • Larger, fuller, more vibrant flowers & fruit
  • Better RESILIENCE to Frost & Extreme Hot & Dry
  • LESS pests & diseases
  • GREATER YIELD – flowers, fruit, leaf, fodder & seed
  • REJUVENATE old & stressed plants
  • Helps Orchids & Sensitive Plants reach their full potential
  • Natural Growth Stimulant
  • Root Hormone
  • Organic Fertilizer
  • Plant Tonic
  • Soil Conditioner
  • Microbes Booster

UGF 6-in-1 Organic Liquid Fertiliser Ingredients

Guaranteed over 50% Cool Processed, Whole, Fast Growing Fish. Plus, loaded with Deepwater Kelp (more nutritious than ordinary seaweed). Rich in Valuable Fish Stimulants, Proteins / Amino Acids, Omega 3 & 6 Oils, Vitamins, Cytokonins, naturally occurring Humic & Fulvic Acids, Sugars & more.

Application Rates & Frequency

Dilute 1 part concentrate with 100 parts water (1:100). E.G. 10ml concentrate makes a 1L solution or 1L makes 100L. Can be mixed more concentrated (1:20) or less (1:200). Note: Storing with water can trigger microbial growth so only mix as required. Careful if mixing with other products as a chemical reaction may occur, usually within 24 hours. Test first.

NEW PLANTS: Most important at early stages of growth (seed to infant seedlings)! Then throughout the growth cycle if practical.

ESTABLISHED PLANTS: Apply before the growing season to stimulate new root growth. Ideal upon first signs of leaf burst & bud-burst, then through fruit formation for better, more consistent harvest & resilience to pests, diseases & extreme weather. Also, apply post-harvest, then prior to dormancy so the energy of fish proteins and oils, etc can be absorbed for a quicker, more vibrant start to next season.

Can be applied more frequently (e.g. weekly) for optimum results at same or less rate.

Application Method

NGI scientists advise that it’s best to apply UGF 6-in-1 as a soil drench to stimulate root growth and microbes. However, it can also be used as a foliar spray e.g. a lot of experienced flower exhibitors after an initial soil drench use it as a foliar every 1-2 weeks with a mixture 1:100, spraying from top and the bottom. This way they get a bit more value out of the product and utilise more of the goodness.

UGF is ground down to 100 microns, which makes it suitable for use with most applicators, boom sprays, and fertigation systems with medium nozzles and decent pressure. Consider removing any fine filters completely, otherwise replace them with a medium filter.

Please note: It is recommended to test on a small area before applying to the entire garden.

For fruit trees, vines, vegetables, flowers, shrubs, and ferns:

  • For domestic use, use 20-80ml (2-8L mixed) per 20sqm.
  • For a 1m high plant, use 1ml (100ml mixed).
  • For a vine, use 30-40ml (3-4L).
  • For a large fruit tree, use 50ml (5L).
  • For large commercial use, apply 5-10L concentrate per hectare (2-4L/acre).

Apply regularly and refer to the earlier note for frequency and best timing.

For lawns, turf, pastures, and crop farms:

  • For domestic use, use 100ml concentrate (10L diluted) per 100sqm.
  • For large commercial use, apply 5-10L concentrate per hectare (2-4L/acre).

Apply the fertiliser with seed and then repeat regularly.

Withholding Periods:

  • Monogastrics (e.g., horses, chickens, pigs): UGF is all-natural, so typically there’s no withholding period required for monogastrics.
  • Ruminants (e.g., goats, cattle, sheep): We suggest a 7-10 day withholding period or until rain, but refer to relevant authorities.

Money Back Guarantee

180-day money back guarantee from purchase if you are not entirely satisfied with your product.