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Super Charged Humus Powder

Super Charged Humus Powder

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Super Charged Humus Powder is a transformative soil enhancer and plant growth stimulator. It enhances seed germination, root development, foliage growth, and flowering. As a soil ameliorant, it enriches the soil with essential nutrients, boosts growth hormones, and improves water retention. Made through a unique process that maintains its natural potency, this product is rich in humin and humic substances, including fulvic acids.


  • Suitable for a range of applications, including lawns, gardens, and commercial farms.
  • Can be applied in wet or dry form, catering to different plant and soil needs.


  • Offered in 70g, 350g, 1.5kg, and 8kg options.

Money Back Guarantee:

  • Comes with a 180-day money-back guarantee.

Super Charged Humus Powder is ideal for those looking to naturally enhance soil quality and boost plant health.

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The serious way to increase your soil organics, instantly!

Via special acoustic chamber technology, nature’s complex, long-chain carbon compounds have been micro-fractured & super-charged for more active energy, ion exchange and bioavailability than virtually all other humus products.

Super Charged Humus Powder Benefits

Plant Booster:

  • Enhanced seed striking
  • More extensive roots
  • Larger, greener foliage
  • Taller plant growth
  • Increased flowering
  • Greater resistance to extreme temperatures

Soil Ameliorant (Improver):

  • Energy (complex carbon compounds)
  • Macro & micro-nutrients
  • Catalyst for plant growth hormones
  • Microbe enhancer
  • Disease resistor
  • Greater cation & anion exchange
  • Water efficiency – up to 10x water holding capacity by weight in soil

Super Charged Humus Powder Ingredients

Whilst most other derivatives of humus rely on chemical & heat processes (including banned chemical and techniques) to extract humic & fulvic products, this product does not! 

At no time is heat used nor any additives whatsoever. Straight from the mine to the sonic chambers to market. 

Particle size from 5 – 70 microns. Power Density approx. 550kg/m3 (0.55g/ml).

Possibly nature’s most cost-effective, bioavailable form of humin 70 – 80% + valuable humic 8 – 10% including fulvic… What scientists rave about!

Application Rates & Frequency

Suggested upper range of rates below for initial use or better still medium rates in quick succession. Future applications can then be reduced.

By AREA – Lawns, Garden Beds, Pastures & Grain

Domestic: 10g (18ml) to 100g (180ml) per square metre

Commercial: 25kg (45L) to 500kg (900L) per hectare

*Suggest testing split-rates of 100kg & 250kg/ha initially

BY PLANT SIZE – Fruit Trees, Vines, Vegetables, Flowers & Shrubs

1m High Plant: 5 – 25g (9 – 45ml)

2m High Plant / Medium Vine: 20 – 100g (36ml – 180ml)

4m Fruit Tree: 80 – 400g (145 – 720ml)

Commercial: 100 – 1000kg/ha (180L – 1.8m3/ha)


0.2 to 2% of soil.

If soil or potting mix is low in nutrients and/or porous/sandy, consider upper amount. Even test at 4% e.g…

Small 15cm/2L pot @1% = 20ml (1 tablespoon or 11g)

Large 30cm/10L pot @1% = 100ml (55g)

Can be reapplied every 3-12 months. Apply less frequently as your soil becomes more alive & self-regenerates.

Application Method

WET: Mix with water up to 2%. May require agitation.

DRY: Best mixed in the mid-upper root zone to gain advantage of the soluble humic compounds. Scratch in as practical. 

If the only option is a dry surface application, then apply only a slight amount of water initially. Humus Powder is hydrophobic when not in soil, thus may pool up with excess water and/or wash away.

All natural and therefore no known requirements for livestock with-holding periods but it is advised that you refer to relevant authorities first.

As always, best to trial different rates on small sections first.

Money Back Guarantee

180-day money back guarantee from purchase if you are not entirely satisfied with your product.