How to Protect Your Roses from Pests and Diseases

How to Protect Your Roses from Pests and Diseases

Rob Russo is a second generation rose grower of the Sydney Hills District.
He explains, “Diseases such as powdery mildew, black spot and red spider go hand-in-hand with rose growing.”

Powdery mildew is a disease of roses caused by the fungus Podosphaera Pannosa. This disease can affect all aerial parts of the plant, producing microscopic spores that spread the disease.

Black Spot is also a fungal disease that affects roses. The fungus (Diplocarpon Rosae) develops as black spots on the rose leaves, which eventually causes the leaves to turn yellow and fall off. Whilst Black Spot may not typically kill the plant outright, it seriously weakens it and often reduces yield.

These fungal diseases release spores in wet conditions and can spread via rain-splash. The fungi tends to be worse in hot humid weather and when foliage remains moist. At leaf temperatures above 32°C/90°F many spores die. Shade or low light intensities as well as high relative humidity (greater than 95%) favour powdery mildew fungi.

This is why growers plant in sunnier spots as it tends to reduce powdery mildew and black spot.

Red Spider on the other hand, also known as two-spotted spider mite, enjoys hotter, drier conditions. Living mainly on the underside of leaves, they can cause damage by puncturing plant cells to feed.

These diseases can be passed from plant to plant on hands, clothing or tools, making it hard to control. In the case of powdery mildew, this presents serious health risks. Consuming plants infected with powdery mildew can be harmful to people’s health. It can lead to respiratory infections and even lung diseases like aspergillosis.

That's why sanitation is important during and at the end of the growing season in autumn (the fall). Whilst many such diseases can be treated with chemicals, growers are mindful of potential side effects such as soil contamination and reduced future yields and prefer natural solutions wherever possible.

Natural ways include hosing off fungi spores (preferably in the morning to help reduce a damp humid breeding environment overnight), pruning infected leaves and stems, removing fallen leaves of infected plants & selectively pruning overcrowded areas to increase air circulation around the plants will help.

However, chances are you can’t stop there. Even minor outbreaks have a tendency to reoccur. Without further care on the part of the grower, a severe spread of the disease can mean the end of the plants.

There is a saying that nature attacks the lowest denominator. This tends to hold true with insects and fungi attacking not so healthy plants. By having the healthiest plants possible, fungi does not have the same opportunity to grab hold and pests often tend to go elsewhere.

This is why UGF 6-in-1 Instant Plant Booster has been used to help prevent and combat such diseases. Besides healthier plants, the theory is that insects don’t like the fish-based emulsion because it emits a fine smell they don’t like and/or it effects their exoskeleton. Whatever the reason, UGF 6-in-1 has proven to be more successful overall than common fungicides and insecticides.

Rob Russo simply put the UGF 6-in-1 straight into his dripper system to the roots of his roses, the plants absorbed the nutrients and became so much healthier, and the powdery mildew and red spider reduced considerably.

After applying “UGF 6-in-1”, Rob took us around his rose farm and glass houses and described his roses as having bigger, larger, healthier and more rigid stems, bigger heads, thicker and greener leaves and more foliage within days of applying the plant booster. In addition, the roses had no signs of powdery mildew nor common diseases.

Where previously he needed to spray his roses with insecticides and fungicides twice a week, with UGF 6-in-1 he’s reduced that to fortnightly as a preventative only.

After realising the benefits of UGF 6-in-1, Rob uses a lot less chemicals, a lot less fertiliser and spends less time caring for his roses saving him tens of thousands of dollars per year.

All you need to do, is simply shake the bottle well and dilute the plant booster with water. A litre of UGF 6-in-1 Makes 100 litres, making it a very economical fertilizer.

You can purchase UGF 6-in-1 direct from Natural Growth Institute or from specialty retailers from as little as A$29.95 (about US$20). Simply visit our online store for more information…

Video Transcript

0:35 Insights from Rob’s Rose Farm
1:00 BEFORE: Pesticides and Fungicides were applied twice a week
1:35 HOW the Special Fish & Kelp Emulsion is Applied
2:00 “The Plant is So Much Healthier!”
2:30 “No more powdery mildew, no pests, no nothing anymore”
2:47 Not much investment, but saves $10,000’s
3:05 “It’s a win-win-win situation”
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