How To Grow a Lush Green Lawn in Under 6 Weeks

How To Grow a Lush Green Lawn in Under 6 Weeks

Have you ever struggled with a patchy, weed-filled lawn? It can be frustrating to put in so much effort, only to see little improvement. In this blog post, we'll share an incredible transformation story from Tuncurry, NSW, where one homeowner turned her struggling lawn into the envy of the neighbourhood using our UGF (Unknown Growth Factor) Fertiliser. Watch the accompanying video to see the results for yourself!

The Challenge of Patchy Lawns and Poor Soil

When Olive Nicholson first looked at her lawn, she saw bare patches, weeds, and struggling grass. The sandy soil wasn't helping either—it lacked the nutrients needed for healthy growth and couldn't hold water well. Like many homeowners, Olive was sceptical about trying new products, especially after having little success with traditional fertilisers.

Why UGF Fertiliser is the Best Solution for Your Lawn

Enter UGF (Unknown Growth Factor) Fertiliser, a unique product developed by the Natural Growth Institute. UGF is more than just a regular fertiliser; it's a powerful blend designed to stimulate growth, enhance root development, condition the soil, and boost beneficial microbes. Backed by over 25 years of research, UGF combines fish emulsion and 70 scientifically enhanced ingredients to deliver exceptional results.

Lawn Transformation: From Bare Patches to Lush Green Grass

After applying UGF, the transformation was nothing short of amazing. Within just six weeks, Olive's lawn went from barren and patchy to lush, thick, and green. Despite the hot and dry weather, the grass thrived. The new turf runners spread quickly, filling in the bare spots and creating a beautiful, uniform lawn. Neighbours started noticing the change, with many complimenting Olive on her now stunning lawn.

Best Lawn Fertiliser and Plant Booster - UGF by Natural Growth Institute Australia

Expert Tips on Using UGF Fertiliser for Maximum Results

Brett Bramble from NGI explains why UGF works so well. The fertiliser acts as a growth stimulant, root enhancer, organic fertiliser, plant tonic, soil conditioner, and microbe booster—all in one. By regularly applying diluted UGF, the roots and soil microbes are continually stimulated, leading to healthier, more resilient grass. This is especially important for lawns with challenging conditions, like sandy soil.

Community Impact: Inspiring Lawn Transformations in Your Neighbourhood

The success of Olive's lawn didn't go unnoticed. Neighbours and passersby began commenting on the incredible transformation. Some even borrowed UGF to try it on their own lawns, inspired by Olive's results. This community impact showcases the reliability and effectiveness of UGF, making it a trusted choice for homeowners looking to improve their lawns.

Not Just For Lawns: Try UGF Instant Plant Booster on Your Garden Beds, Veggie Patches and More!


UGF is not just for lawns; it's equally effective for garden beds, veggie patches, and flower gardens. Charles Smith from Stieglitz, Tasmania, shares his experience using UGF on his award-winning dahlia garden. With 1500 dahlias and 131 varieties, Charles uses UGF to achieve vibrant, healthy blooms. Charles has found that UGF not only improves the health and longevity of his plants but also helps with issues like powdery mildew. His success has made UGF his go-to choice for fertiliser.

How to Use UGF Fertiliser for Best Results on Your Lawn

To get the best results with UGF, follow these simple tips:

  • Frequency: Apply UGF every three to four weeks, or more frequently if you're passionate about your lawn.
  • Dilution: Dilute UGF at a ratio of 1 to 100 for regular watering.
  • Timing: Apply before extreme weather conditions to help the grass cope better.
  • Consistency: Regular, small applications are more effective than occasional heavy doses.

The Power of UGF Fertiliser for a Healthy, Beautiful Lawn

Olive Nicholson's story is a testament to the transformative power of UGF Fertiliser. Her lawn went from struggling to stunning in just a few weeks, impressing everyone in the neighbourhood. We invite you to watch the video and see the incredible results for yourself. If you're ready to transform your lawn, try UGF today and join the growing community of satisfied homeowners.

Where to Buy UGF Fertiliser and Plant Booster

Ready to transform your lawn? Click here to purchase UGF Fertiliser and start your journey to a beautiful, healthy lawn. Join our community on social media for more tips and success stories. Don't forget to subscribe to our blog for updates and special offers.

By following this approach, you'll not only improve your lawn but also join a community of passionate growers and gardeners who trust Natural Growth Institute for their lawn care needs. Let's grow together!

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