Essential Guide to Creating a Google Review on your Mobile!

Essential Guide to Creating a Google Review on your Mobile!

Mastering Mobile: The Ultimate Guide to Crafting a Google Review on the Go

Often large players with ordinary products can out-muscle smaller players with superior products. To help give us a better chance to breakthrough leave us a review and let us know how we are getting on.

Sharing your experience is super helpful for both us and fellow customers. It can help us understand what we do well and what we can do to improve, so we can give you an even better experience next time you visit!

Here's a quick guide to get you started (for desktop viewing guide click here):

Google Natural Growth Institute on Your Mobile

Search for the Business: Head to Google, search for our business name (Natural Growth Institute) or click here

Find the 'Reviews' Button

Find the 'Reviews' Button: On our Google Business Profile, scroll across to find the ‘Reviews’ option. Click it!

Sign In to Google: If you're not already signed in, you'll need to log in to your Google account, if you haven’t got a Google account you’ll need to create one to leave a Google review. Alternatively you can leave us a review on Facebook instead. Click here for our how to guide on how to create a Facebook review.

Rate your Experience

Rate: Give us a star rating

Share Your Experience and Review

Review: Once you have selected how many stars you are giving us, google will direct you to another page to review us. Write your thoughts here. Be honest - we appreciate all feedback!

Note: In this view you can change the star rating at any point before you post.

Mobile: Post Your Review

Publish: Once you're happy with your review, hit the ‘Post’ button.

That's it! Your review is now live and helping others. Thanks for your support!

Remember, the exact steps might vary slightly depending on the device (mobile or desktop) and updates to Google's interface or location.

For more detailed, step-by-step instructions with visuals, you might want to refer to the guide on WikiHow's page about writing a Google review...

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