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They laughed when I fed my garden UGF 6-in-1

But when it started to bloom…

Screenshot 2023 11 14 065435

The competitive edge that very experienced agronomists, horticultural scientists and growers alike are calling…

“Phenomenal”… “A Game Changer”…”
Worth Every Cent”

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NGI double line cmyk 1
in consultation with CSIRO
in the early years
Group 142

GARDENER OF THE YEAR Continues to Impress!

Screenshot 2023 05 30 115357 min 1
Devon Showtime and Toledo 3x2 with
Charles Smith Medal and Award 1

The Famous Charles (Chas) Smith of Devon Dahlias, Tasmania

AUSTRALIAN GARDENER OF THE YEAR, Much-loved Dahlia Legend, Champion Exhibitor, Breeder, Super-Judge!

LEAVES STAY LUSHER LONGER: A big difference is with the bottom leaves, usually by the end of January they go yellow and are past their best… but with UGF 6-in-1, the bottom leaves stay lush and green much longer!

COLOUR & FORM: So far I have competed at 2 shows this season and won the major prize at both. Colour and form are the best I have seen!

You’ve got to remember, it takes as much fertiliser and water to grow a bad flower as it does to grow a good one. So get the good fertiliser first.

UGF 6-in-1 is the best I’ve used so far. That’s basically all I use, it’s absolutely fantastic to put on your foliage and in the soil.

If I can get UGF, I won’t buy anything else

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Group 142


Screenshot 2023 06 02 092809
Untitled 22 × 16in 8 1

Containing The UNKNOWN GROWTH FACTOR (UGF) as specially harnessed from fast growing fish.

Screenshot 2023 05 31 163637

25 years in Development:
The SCIENTIFIC BREAKTHROUGH that Serious Growers prefer to keep secret – Deadset!

1. Growth Stimulant

2. Root Hormone

3. Organic Fertiliser

4. Plant Tonic

5. Soil Conditioner

6. Microbes Booster


UGF6in1 Over 1000 Month Shipping 16x9 1280x720 1


Screenshot 2023 11 14 092833

Review by Rob Russo

2nd Generation Commercial Rose Grower

1st 3 WEEKS: I saw results straight away, well I mean after 2 or 3 weeks.

Thicker, longer stems, BIGGER HEADS… leaves are really, really green. I’m bundling roses now and am blown away by them, you can’t even compare it! I used to fit 10 bunches in a bucket, now I can only fit 5.

Lately, it has been unusually hot in the glass houses and the roses that received the ‘Unknown Growth Factor’ are not stressed at all. No Disease, No Pests, No Nothing. My other roses not so. It’s chalk & cheese.

2 YEARS LATER: The roses are growing earlier each season and I’m getting to market before other growers. There’s faster re-growth and more plentiful growth during the season and longer growing at the end of the season. I’m getting an extra flush of roses!

All up, production is up over 25%.

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Sick & Tired of Mediocre Results?

Are ‘Run-of-the-Mill’ Fertilisers
Devastating Your Soil Fertility Too?

Gardener disillusioned dismayed unhappy in garden compressed

Are your plants dry, limp & lack-lustre, stressed or diseased?

Do they suffer upon first signs of challenging weather (dry, hot, windy or cold)?

Are your old growing practices struggling to yield the growth & quality to keep up with your competition?

Are costly man-made chemicals & troublesome manures creating imbalances, killing important soil microbe populations and locking up nutrients?

Simply over not winning?

You're using the wrong fertilizer!

⛔   Dry, limp & lack-lustre plants

⛔   Small, droopy, dull flower & small                        tasteless fruit

⛔   Suffer in challenging weather

⛔   At the mercy of pests & diseases

⛔   Not producing the yield you deserve

⛔   Short growing season

⛔   Devastating your soil microbes & fertility          resulting in dry, lifeless soil

⛔   Thin, short, damaged roots

⛔  Tormenting your sensitive plants

✅  REJUVENATE old & stressed plants

✅  Larger, fuller, more vibrant flowers &           fruit

✅  Better RESILIENCE to Frost & Extreme Hot
        & Dry

✅  LESS pests & diseases

✅  GREATER YIELD - flowers, fruit, leaf,                      fodder & seed

✅  Empower soil microbes, reversing                         nutrient lock up for RICHER LIVELIER SOILS


✅  Longer, thicker, more fibrous roots

✅ Helps Orchids & Sensitive Plants reach                their full potential

Here’s How You Can Breakthrough!

Watch as Brett Explains

    • Some of the greatest concerns of growers
    • What to watch out for with nasty, so-called ‘fertilizers’ that send your plants & soil backwards forever

By using the very best of nature, science & ‘industry best practice’, you too can…

    • Achieve Breakthrough Results that shine above the rest;
    • Make things easier for yourself & save time;
    • Win More Admiration & Prizes;
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Screenshot 2023 11 15 074126
Screenshot 2023 11 15 074140

What is UGF 6-in-1?

Screenshot 2023 11 15 084059

1. Natural Growth Stimulant

Screenshot 2023 11 15 084218

2. Plant Tonic

Screenshot 2023 11 15 084422

3. Microbes Booster

Screenshot 2023 11 15 084601

4. Root Hormone

Screenshot 2023 11 15 084726

5. Soil Conditioner

Screenshot 2023 11 15 084821

6. Organic Fertiliser

UGF 6-in-1 is a super-concentrated liquid plant booster developed by Natural Growth Institute & its Scientists over 25 years in consultation with Australia’s CSIRO in the early years.

GUARANTEED Over 50% Cool Processed, Whole A1 Grade, Fast Growing Fish – Rich in Valuable Fish Stimulants, Amino Acid Proteins, Omega 3 & 6 Oils PLUS Deepwater Kelp Vitamins & Nutrients.

SCIENTIFICALLY ENHANCED with naturally occurring Humic & Fulvic Acids, Selenium PLUS 70 Trace Elements & Crucial Ingredients.

There is Nothing Else Like This as
Advanced, Natural and Powerful!

NPK – 9:2:6 and more bio-available!

ELEMENTAL INGREDIENTS: Nitrogen (N) 9% w/v, Phosphorus (P) 2% w/v, Potassium (K) 6% w/v, Sulphur (S) 1.1%, Calcium (Ca) 888ppm, Magnesium 731 ppm, Boron, Copper, Iron, Manganese, Zinc, Selenium, Cobalt, Carbon & more.

COMPLEX INGREDIENTS: Amino Acids (Proteins), Omega 3 & 6 Oils, Vitamins, Cytokonins, naturally occurring Humic & Fulvic Acids & Sugars.

UGF6in1 Natural Fertiliser Key Ingredients Square 1200x1200 1


Best in Only 6 Weeks

Screenshot 2023 11 15 092856

Review by Olive


Home Gardener

Olive Nicholson Profile Pic Round

Everyone in the street says, “You’ve got such a nice lawn, but we don’t tell ’em about this because we want to have the best lawn.”

Before: For years our lawn was the worst in the street! We’ve got very porous sand here, our lawn couldn’t get enough water which meant it was always dry and had bare patches. We were losing the battle against weeds and despite trying lots of products, nothing seemed to help.

After 6 weeks using UGF 6-in-1: Now random people are saying, “Geez, we can’t believe how much your lawn has grown.”

Look how green it is, and it’s thick! And it’s been so hot and dry.

I was sceptical before, you know, what’s so different with UGF? But it’s just amazing!

All we did was get some turf and spray the roots with UGF and let the magic do it’s work!

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European Carp have a Phenomenal Growth Rate, said to contain…

Screenshot 2023 11 15 111038

THE MISSION: To develop the most complete, effective and natural liquid plant booster on earth.

Note: THIS IS NOT LIKE OTHER FISH FERTILISERS that are based on various low-grade, sometimes half-rotten scraps that are profusely boiled with nitric acid that destroys much of the goodness. Some producers water down the fish to a low price point and add Potassium Chloride to artificially raise the ‘K’ in NPK which kills important microbes – Don’t Risk It!

IN STARK CONTRAST, this is the Best, Grade 1, human consumption quality, Fast Growing, Whole Fish – guaranteed at least 50% of total contents.


The secret proprietary cool processing technique retains the goodness of the fish growth stimulants, amino acids (proteins) and omega oils in their heightened form, like no-one else can!

When scientifically enhanced with 2 special forms of deep water kelp, naturally occurring humic and fulvic acids + 70 trace elements and crucial ingredients… you will see a marked improvement in the health of your farm (crops & grazing livestock), lawns & sporting fields, gardens & pot plants, like you’ve never seen them before!


Your Friends, Family, Neighbours, Peers & Competitors will wonder “How You’ve Done it!”

25 years of research, persistence & development have gone into bringing this product here to you, today. Mission Accomplished!

“Fruit Seem to be

    Growing Overnight!”

Screenshot 2023 11 15 112751

Review by Anne Schubert

Home Gardener

Anne Schubert Profile Pic Round Pink

It’s been a very, very dry time and my sandy yard essentially has no nutrients & holds very little water. I’ve never been even able to grow a passionfruit vine before, UNTIL NOW!

After just 2 applications of ‘Unknown Growth Factor’ it seems be growing overnight! I just can’t believe how many passionfruit’s there are – and they’re big!

Pests & Diseases: My fig tree would get decimated by caterpillars. My mango, plum and figs were commonly attacked by flies.

NOW: The figs are so much healthier and the caterpillars don’t seem to affect them.

My guava tree is loaded! My mango, plum & fig trees are just amazing. They all seem to be resistant to insects.

Best crop ever! Well done UGF.”

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Product Comparisons

Cucumbers Qukes Seasol UGF6in1 1.19
Beans Aquasol Seasol UGF6in1 1.19

As a Plant Enthusiast, you probably already realise that… not all fertilisers are equal!

Here’s further evidence supporting what you already knew…

Typical Contents UGF 6-in-1 Most Common Seaweed Ordinary Fish Chemical Fertiliser Poultry Litter

Nitrogen (N) …

Helps protein production, especially leafy tissues

9%. More Bio-Available 0.1 of 1%. Not considered a Fertiliser <5%, sometimes up to 9%, but less bioavailable 0-46%. Less Bio-Available 5%. Much is lost as Ammonia Gas

Phosphorous (P)

Stimulates root growth, helps reproduction (buds, flowers, seeds). Helps plants use nutrients more efficiently and convert energy from the sun.

2%. More Bio-Available 0.01% 1-2% 0-44%. Less Bio-Available 2.5%

Potassium (K)

Helps overall vigor, carbohydrates, disease resistance, regulate metabolism.

6%. More Bio-Available. 1.5% <2%, cheap salt based additive 0-60%. Less Bio-Available. Often contains chloride 2%

Humic Acid

What scientists rave about.

Yes Nil Nil Nil Nil

Fulvic Acid

What scientists really rave about.

Yes Nil Nil Nil Nil
Other Micronutrients Signficant & Huge Range Large Variety Limited Often little, depends. Varies

Amino Acids / Proteins

Supports MicroFauna

Signficant Levels & Range Minor Evident unless destroyed in production Nil Nil – Minor
Harmful Cotents – Heavy Metals, etc None Known, All Natural None Known, typically all natural Concerning. Acids and salts added Often Concerning Concerning. Can ruin soil favouring weeds

26-63% More Growth vs the
3 main Phosphate ‘Fertilisers’

Untitled 22 × 16in 13 1
micrologo3 1

Report by Dr Ash Martin
PhD, BSc, Soil Doctor, Microbiology Laboratories Australia

Dr Ash Martin Profile Pic Australian Microbial Laboratory

“In all our years of evaluating products in standardised laboratories, and then seeing UGF 6-in-1 outperform MAP, DAP & Superphosphate/Urea, it is one of the top 2 products I’ve ever seen.”

Screenshot 2023 11 16 063615

Leading Turf Farmer Achieves 30% Denser Roots, 10-20% Faster!

Screenshot 2023 11 16 092745
Screenshot 2023 11 16 093852
Screenshot 2023 11 16 093933

Review by Scott Bormann

2nd Generation Turf Farmer, Supplier of Aldelaide Oval & Canberra Stadium

Thanks to a top-notch recommendation from a flower champ and Dahlia Society President, we took a chance on UGF 6-in-1 for our 250-acre Instant Turf Farm.

At first, I was sceptical about the benefits of an organic-style product; however, the results have been overwhelmingly positive. We’ve seen a significant improvement across all turf varieties, including couch and kikuyu.

Sure, we get loads of product reps trying to push their wares on us, but UGF 6-in-1 has proven itself to be a cut above the rest.

Key to long term success: As proud producers of top-quality turf for high-end clients like Adelaide Oval and Canberra Stadium, we know what it takes to keep our customers happy. Root strength and density are key to long-term satisfaction, and with UGF 6-in-1, we’ve seen a dramatic 30% improvement in sod strength and density over the past year.

Reduced growing time: We always strive to be competitive, and with UGF 6-in-1, we’ve been able to reduce the growing time for turf maturity by a whopping 10-20%, leading to more saleable turf and less waste.

For our long-term sustainability, despite using it for the past 39 years, we’ve shifted our old-school mindset of using granular mineral fertilizers for a mainly blended liquid nutrient approach. We fertigate weekly for healthier fields and even faster growth, and we use small doses of UGF 6-in-1 regularly to keep our turf stimulated and thriving.

Maintaining soil health is crucial for our operation’s sustainability, and UGF 6-in-1 has been instrumental in achieving this goal.

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Comparative Benefits UGF 6-in-1 Most Common Seaweed Ordinary Fish Chemical Fertiliser Poultry Litter

Root Growth

Promotes massive root growth.

Enhanced by mycorrhizal fungi & more

Minor Minor Minor. Often not strong, nor thick. A little can be helpful
Stems Thicker, More rigid. Average Average Average Average
Leaf Green, Glossier, Larger Little healthier Average Often superficial & temporary A little can be helpful
Flowers Larger, Fuller, Vivid Colours and Longer shelf life. Little effect Average to negative Average to negative Average
Fruit & Seed Larger, Plumper, Better Taste, Extended Shelf Life Little effect Average to negative Quantity may increase, but quality often lower Average
RESILIENCE to pests & diseases & extreme weather Significant! This is where UGF6in1 really shines. Cheap insurance in challenging times – a great investment regardless. Helpful Average Can significantly reduce health & resilence. Can reduce health & resilience

Water Efficiency


Up to 28% Better.


Some contain detrimental chemicals (ie chlorine) Detrimental Average to detrimental
Roots More Fibrous Oats Basic Fish vs UGF6in1 1.19
Shoots Oats Minimal Water UGF6in1 outperforms MAP 1.19


Screenshot 2023 05 30 174050 min

✅   Auxins – Facilitates plant body development and various growth and behavioural processes throughout a plant’s life cycle.

✅   Cytokinins – Promotes cell division in plant roots and shoots.

✅   Triacontanol – Facilitates root growth and bud production.

✅   Gibberellins (GAs) – Plant hormones that influence growth and development processes, germination, dormancy, flowering, sex expression, enzyme induction, and leaf & fruit senescence.

✅   Chelating agents – Compounds that react with metal ions to form a stable, water-soluble complex. They are also known as chelants, chelators, or sequestering agents.

✅   Mannitol – A natural energy and carbon storage molecule produced by a plethora of organisms, including bacteria, yeasts, fungi, algae, lichens, and many plants.

15 Times GRAND CHAMPION of The Sydney Royal Easter SHOW

Group 1
Hydrangea with Text compressed 1
Screenshot 2023 06 02 103905

Gerard Oldfield of Highland Dahlias, 15 Times GRAND CHAMPION of Sydney Royal Easter Show, Judge, Workshop Instructor, Irrigation Specialist

STRONGER GROWTH EARLY ON: In my first split test of UGF 6in1 back in 2015, my stocks took off with stronger growth and earlier flowering.

STEMS: My dahlia stems are better than they’ve ever been. Longer and stronger.
My sweatpeas are now 18 inches long – florists can hardly believe it and want to know how.

Blind Freddie can see the difference!

COLOUR & SIZE: My flowers and foliage are deeper in colour and larger. Especially noticeable with my hydrangeas. They look ‘as good as gold’.

SHELF-LIFE: It’s not just me that has noticed the extra shelf-life of my cut flowers, florists explain mine last several days longer than other growers.

RE-GROWTH: I’m getting a quicker re-growth and more plentiful flowers.

PESTS & DISEASES: I’ve noticed the overall plant is healthier and seems less susceptible to attack. I’ve noticed there is hardly any white moth anymore.

TUBERS: My tubers are up 70%! They’re large and healthy and my retention over winter storage is better.




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Message from the President of The Dahlia Society of Australia, Mr Warren Vigor..

If You’re a Competition Exhibitor or Commercial Grower,

Screenshot 2023 05 31 163637

You can… WIN MORE

✨   More Vivid Colours

✨   Larger, More Plentiful Flowers

✨   Longer, Stronger Stems

✨   Amazing Green Foliage

✨   More Consistent Growth

✨   Extends Shelf life

✨   Helps Orchids & Sensitive Flowers reach their full potential

✨   Up to 50% Savings in Fertiliser & Treatments

✨   Economical – 1 litre makes 100 litres, good for 2,000m

✨   100% Enviro-Friendly

✨   Easy to Dilute / Mix

✨   Less Garden / Farm Maintenance!

Warren Vigor with Red Big Dahlia with text compressed 1
Warren Vigor Award Winning Dahlia a

Why Choose Us


100% Natural

Our mantra is go natural for better results now AND in the long term! We avoid using harmful chemicals and prefer to help you look after the planet.


Aussie Made & Owned

With all Australian stakeholders of high ethics, our ingredients are of clean Australian origin wherever possible, especially the fish & seaweed.


Aussie Made & Owned

Many champion growers and animal experts have achieved the highest of awards and recognition, attributing NGI products to their success.


UGF6in1 Over 1000 Month Shipping 16x9 1280x720 1

Be the Greener Gardener

UGF 6-in-1… for the healthiest growth with minimal effort.



Free Shipping

For online orders over AU$20, we cover freight in Australia. We know that once you try one of our products, you’ll be back to buy larger sizes and other products as well. We look forward to getting to know you.


Fast Delivery

Orders are typically prepared and despatched daily. Our main freight partners are Australia Post & Sendle. If you provide your email & mobile phone number, you’ll typically receive tracking updates.


Customer Support

We’re passionate about our products and the positive differences we’ve been able to make. That pride carries through to supporting you if ever needed.

Give us a try!

100’s of Rave Reviews

Screenshot 2023 05 30 202824 compressed

Larger, Taller Flowers, Less Diseases

Normally our PORTULACAS  are the size of a 20c piece, now they’re double the size.

Petunias here are now up to 3-foot high, previously at least a foot lower.

One thing I’ve noticed is less disease… our roses used to always get blackspot disease, not any more.

Jason Aurisch Profile Pic Round min

Jason Aurisch, Greenkeeper, NSW

Screenshot 2023 11 17 085115

TURF: $120,000 Savings, 33% More Yeild

“Been able to harvest after 8 months where usually it takes 12 months. And, we’ve saved a bomb! More than $120,000 per year.

Last winter [2012] we had 110 frosts and the coldest was minus 7 degrees celsius making it one of our worst winters. The turf came through really well, which is massive.

It’s easy to apply and we don’t have to worry about compaction anymore. Plus uniformity is a big thing. We were using mainly granular, but not any more.”

Extract of Interview with One of Australia’s Longest Established Turf Farms

Much Bigger Flower & Deeper Green Leaves!

I first started using UGF 6-in-1 six months ago. After 2 applications, the green of the leaves are deeper, beyond what they normally are.

The flowering this year was magnificent! Bigger, much bigger flowers. Everything is just so healthy.

Mal Roughley

Robert Wetheril, Horticulturalist & Garden Renovator Bowral, NSW, Australia

Screenshot 2023 11 17 090510

Surprisingly Sweet, Large Figs in under 6 months

Hardwood cuttings were taken in August (pre-spring) and struck in September.

The cuttings were grown in pots and UGF 6-in-1 was used exclusively to test the potential of the ‘UNKNOWN GROWTH FACTOR’ within.

By late February, the figs trees were over 1m high and produced surprisingly sweet, large fruit.

If they had been planted in the ground they’d be twice the size again.

Robert Wetherill Profile Pic Round

Robert Wetheril, Horticulturalist & Garden Renovator Bowral, NSW, Australi

Screenshot 2023 11 17 104925

Recovered Plants I thought Were Gone!

I tested UGF 6-in-1 on NZ Christmas Bush that was ‘all but dead & buried‘. I could hardly believe that… 1) it survived, and 2) how quick the regrowth was!

I then bought 15L Drums for my 6 workers’ vans to use every time they visited our 200+ plant hire sites across Sydney. 9 months later, it’s worked out BETTER THAN EXPECTED! Now we’ve even healthier plants, requiring less maintenance.

Lease A Leaf PLant Hire Profile Pic

David Gritching, Lease-A-Leaf Plant Hire, Sydney

New Leaves are 5 Times BIGGER!

The leaves on my strawberry plant were always quite small. Just as it was starting to die down before winter, I gave it a dose of UGF 6-in-1 then pretty much ignored it.

Now, it’s the start of Spring and after watering it a couple of times… it’s just gone crazy! The new leaves would have to be a minimum of 5 times bigger than the old leaves, maybe 10 times.

The UGF 6-in-1 had either been absorbed by the strawberry plant prior to winter &/or laid in the pot for 3 months and now on the first signs of warmth, and some watering… it’s just taken off!

We’re still getting cool days and nights, and the leaves are a nice bright green.

Robyn Kindred Profile Pic Round

Robyn Kindred, Sydney, NSW

PASTURE: 1,000 Times Difference!

I think you’d better have a look at this! I put a gadget on the end of the hose and as you can see with these 2 clumps of clover it’s a thousand times difference

John Burke, Farmer – Morisset, NSW

Overcome Heat, Drought & Grasshoppers

After heat & drought, the plants on our property had been struggling along for 5 years. Every summer grasshoppers attacked, but since using UGF 6-in-1, they’re not so keen.

After using UGF 6-in-1 for 2 seasons, our trees & shrubs have doubled or trebled in size, flowers are large and blooming beautiful, whereas our neighbours’ plants are still struggling.

Here’s some example photos of our Crab Apple Tree, Hippeastrum and Climbing Rose.

Suzanne Roy Smith Profile Pic Round Hippeastrum
Suzanne & Roy Smith, Victoria, Australia

Amazed with the Sudden Turn-Around!

My Cycad is one of my pride and joys, but essentially it did nothing for years. I fed it UGF 6-in-1 a few times and then it produced this grand flower. The leaves are a much healthier deep green now too.

This Hoya was given to me 3 weeks earlier in very poor condition, thoroughly neglected and hardly any growing media…

All I did was top it up with some free mulch from the tip and gave it 3 very diluted waterings of UGF 6-in-1. Shortly after there were new shoots and the leaves grew much larger than the older, mature leaves – almost the size of my hand!

My main comment is… “ABSOLUTELY AMAZING” as I was only hoping for this to pick up and survive.

Gerard Wani Profile Pic Round 1
Gerard Wani, Horticultural Consultant / Troubleshooter, Brisbane, QLD
8 compressed

Shinning Like A Red-Belly Snake!

Wow is all I keep saying! I started applying UGF 6-in-1 on just a few tomato plants one evening and the very next morning I could see a difference.

In just over a week I have gone through a litre, applying it to everything in the garden, my native plants included.

Just like the other people who endorse your product, I can see thicker healthier stems and within 24 hours the leaves on all my tomatoes and other plants are shining like a red-bellied black snake.

Thanks mate, I am converted!!

Scotty Murrin, Market Grower, Grandmas Garden Heirloom Vegetables and Flowers, St Georges Basin, NSW

Screenshot 2023 05 31 120207 compressed

Grazier was told… “You’ll never grow lucerne in “that’ paddock!

We had a tired old 8-acre paddock, somehow damaged over the years. I wanted to rejuvenate it naturally.

I lightly harrowed the paddock then spread seed. On half the paddock I over-sprayed with UGF 6-in-1. The results we amazing! To be seen to be believed.

The new seeded grasses grew up to my knees very quickly, whereas in the control side you really have to look for it.

The lucerne is advanced, flowering and very healthy. The rye has more robust seed. Millet and prior native grasses have grown better than expected too. Now the roos like this section of the farm the most.

I accidental sprayed double the amount of UGF 6-in-1 on the first strip along the fence line, and it is way better again.

Screenshot 2023 05 31 120309
David Schubert, Cattle Grazier, Coolongolook, NSW

Magic on my Orchids!

I bought Sharry Baby as a mature plant, but 4 years later it still hadn’t flowered.

People say orchids can be sensitive, so I was cautious. Then, after UGF 6-in-1 worked so well on my roses and lawn, I tried it on my orchid.

Well… months later, it produced 9 glorious spikes! They lasted 3 months over summer, whereas normally a winter bloom.

Olive Nicholson Profile Pic Round

Olive Nicholson, Forster, NSW

Screenshot 2023 11 20 065022
Screenshot 2023 11 20 065143
c8uvCS6g compressed

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Use UGF 6-in-1? When, How Often, etc…

Dilute 1 part concentrate with 100 parts water (1:100). E.G. 10ml concentrate makes a 1L solution or 1L makes 100L. Can be mixed more concentrated (min 1:40) or less (e.g. 1:200). Tip: Best add UGF 6-in-1 to water, rather than risk frothing from adding water to UGF 6-in-1.

Application Method:
Best value when applied to foliar (leaves), from above and underneath – mist if practical, otherwise simply water on. Can also be applied as a soil drench which stimulates root growth & microbes. Best if soil is partly moist prior.

Application Amount & Frequency:
Rule of Thumb: Apply a light-medium watering of mixed solution. Typically provides results for 3-4 weeks. Can be applied more frequently (e.g. weekly) for optimum results at the standard 1:100 rate or less.

NEW PLANTS: Most important at early stages of growth (seed to infant seedlings), then throughout growth cycle.
ESTABLISHED PLANTS: Apply before growing season to stimulate new root growth. Ideal upon first signs of leaf burst & bud burst, then throughout flower and fruit formation for better, more plentiful, consistent harvest, plus resilience to pests, diseases & extreme weather. Also, apply post-harvest, then prior to dormancy so energy of fish proteins and oils, etc can be absorbed and stored for a quicker, more vibrant start to next season.

What is the shelf life and how do I store UGF 6-in-1?

UGF should be stored in a cool dark area away from sunlight and heat (less than 40 degrees Celsius).

Ideally UGF should be stored unmixed without any other product or water. Storing with water can trigger microbial growth so only mix as required. Careful if mixing with other products as a chemical reaction may occur, usually within 24 hours. Test first.

When stored correctly the shelf life is:

  • Unopened: At least 2-4 years.
  • After opening: 6 months to 2 years.

Note: NGI has sample bottles over 12 years old and they are still fine.

Will it go through my fertigation system?

UGF 6-in-1 is ground down to 100 microns & works well with most applicators, boom sprays & fertigation systems with medium nozzles & decent pressure.

Is there any withholding periods for grazing animals?

Withholding periods may apply to pastures depending on the situation and location. Best to check with relevant authorities.

For example in Australia, if animal matter is applied to where ruminant animals are feeding, withholding periods may be applicable. This may be for a few weeks in the absence of rain, or less if rain occurs.

Whilst UGF 6-in-1 is ground down to 100 microns and essentially not recognisable as fish anymore, withholding periods may be applicable, typically only for grazing ruminants (including cattle, sheep and goats). Consider 7-10 days or so withholding period or until it rains.

With monogastrics (e.g., horses, chickens, pigs, etc), typically withholding periods are not applicable for natural fertilisers such as UGF 6-in-1.

Are NGI products sold on Amazon or Ebay?

Not presently.

Do you charge for freight?

Freight is free in Australia for orders over $20.

Do you ship outside Australia?

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What payment methods do you accept?

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Is UGF 6-in-1 expensive?

Reassuringly so! Here’s the thing… Which would you prefer?….

⛔    A cheap, watered-down seaweed with minimal                         macronutrients – a mere NPK of 0.1 : 0 : 1? 

⛔   A cheap fish emulsion of low-grade unwanted fish                    parts profusely boiled and subjected to acid then                      seriously watered down?

⛔   Cheap chemical granules containing worrisome heavy            metals shown to destroy microbial life?


✅   UGF 6-in-1, NPK 9:2:6 with 25+ years of science involving CSIRO with a triple guarantee of over 50% concentration, long-term stability & fast noticeable results – all meaning value for money?!

Whilst UGF 6-in-1 could also be a lower-cost point – We’re not about to waste everyone’s time, energy and money with low-quality fish scraps or diluting & shipping extra water unnecessarily!

Additionally, many of the micro-nutrients are in heightened natural, bio-available form and subsequently valuable. All important because we know how well these complement the protein-rich base of cool-processed, fast-growing fish emulsion combined with deepwater kelp.

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How far does it go?

FAR! 1L concentrate is enough for 5 substantial applications on either 200 x 1m high plants or 400 sqm lawn.
For broad acre, 5L/Ha is a typical application rate for substantial results. With additional applications, results multiply.

Your Rock Solid Money Back Guarantee

Group 2

GUARANTEED to deliver significantly noticeable improvements in health & vitality for your soils and plants or your money back.

GUARANTEED over 50% Cool Processed, Whole, A1 Grade, Fast Growing Fish – Rich in Valuable Fish Stimulants, Amino Acid Proteins, Omega 3 & 6 Oils PLUS Loaded with Deepwater Kelp Vitamins & Nutrients. SCIENTIFICALLY ENHANCED with naturally occurring Humic & Fulvic Acids, Selenium PLUS 70 Trace Elements & Crucial Ingredients.

GUARANTEED to be suitably stabilised for at least 2-4 years unopened and 6-24 months after opening, provided kept out of sun and not in sustained temperatures over 40 degrees celsius.


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Well done, you’ve made it this far.

Now don’t let this opportunity pass you by, otherwise chances are… you may never reach the growing prowess you could & others who take action will leave you behind.

Amaze them, wow them – feel the pride!
Give UGF 6-in-1 a go today!

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