2kg Super-Charged HUMUS POWDER (Activated Lignite) aka 'Magic Dirt'


The serious way to INCREASE YOUR SOIL ORGANICS, instantly!

Via a world-first, patented technology, nature’s complex, long-chain carbon compounds can now be acoustically fractured & super-charged for more active energy, ion exchange and bio-availability than virtually all other humus products.

High in valuable Humic & Fulvic… what scientists rave about!


  • Energy (Complex Carbon Compounds)
  • Macro & Micro-Nutrients
  • Catalyst for Plant Growth Hormones
  • Microbe Enhancer
  • Disease Resistor
  • Greater Cation & Anion Exchange
  • Water Efficiency – up to 5x water holding capacity by weight in soil


  • Earlier & Faster Growth
  • More Extensive Roots
  • Greener Foliage & Stems
  • Taller Plant Growth
  • Increased Flowering
  • Greater Resistance to Extreme Temperatures


Essentially 100% Pure Humus, ie transformed Soil Organic Matter (SOM) from advanced breakdown of plant & animal matter (typically microbial) via decay &/or heat & compression. Well past the peat stage, lignite (millions of years old) is drier with a lot more energy & capabilities. Indicatively:

  • 70-80% Humin (insoluble carbon-based macromolecular substances)
  • 8-10% Humic Substances (soluble carbon compounds from Humus); incl. fulvic, saccharides, peptides, nucleic acids and lignins
  • CHONS (Carbon, Hydrogen Oxygen, Nitrogen & Sulphur) %WT – C: 55-75%, H: 4-10%, O: 5-30%, N: 0.5-5, Sulphur: 0.5-5 – aliphatic & aromatic
  • MACRO: Potassium, calcium, magnesium, sulfur, phosphorus.
  • MICRO: Iron, manganese, boron, molybdenum, copper, zinc, chlorine, cobalt, nickel, chloride.
  • ACIDS: Humic, fulvic, amino acids, fatty, organic, ascorbic, nucleic, aliphatic, phenolic (carbolic) & benzenecarboxylic.
  • Enzymes, peptides (proteins), polysaccharides, carbohydrates, sugars, fats, waxes, lipids, alkanes, esters, ethers, carbonyls, peroxides & quinones. Benzene, acetal, ketal, lactol & furan ringed compounds.


Whilst most other derivatives of humus rely on chemical & heat processing (including banned chemicals and techniques) to extract humic & fulvic products, this product does not!

At no time is heat used nor any additives whatsoever. Straight from the mine to the sonic chambers to the market.

Particle Size from 5-70 microns. Powder Density approx 550kg/m3 (0.55g/ml).

Considered non-toxic, however suggest not to breathe in dust.


Potting Mix: Generally, 0.1 to 1% of volume of soil.

If potting mix is low in nutrients and/or porous/sandy, consider upper end, even test at triple. Examples…

Small 15cm/2L Pot: 5ml (1tsp)=0.25%, 20ml (4tsp)=1%

Large 30cm/10L Pot: 25ml(4tsp)=0.25%, 100ml=1%

Fruit Trees, Vines, Vegetables, Flowers & Shrubs*

1m High Plant: 5grams (9ml, 2teaspoons) – 25g (45ml)

2m High Plant / Medium Vine: 20g (36ml, 2½ tablespoons) to 100grams (180ml, ¾cup)

4m Fruit Tree: 80g (145ml) to 400grams (720ml)

Large Commercial: 100-1000kg/ha (180L-1.8m3/ha)

Lawns, Turf, Pastures & Grain*

Domestic Lawns: 2.5g (5ml) to 50g (90ml) per square metre

Large Commercial: 25 (45L) to 500kg (900L) per hectare

Suggest testing split-rates of 100kg & 250kg/ha

All natural so no known requirements for livestock with-holding periods, though refer relevant authorities.

*APPLICATION FREQUENCY – Can be applied 3-12 months

*APPLICATION METHOD – Best mixed into root zone, otherwise scratch into surface as much as practical (not imperative). If Humus Powder is applied to surface, apply only a slight amount of water initially, as it is hydrophobic when not in the soil, so may pool up with too much water and/or wash away.

As always, best to trial different rates on small sections firstly.


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