UGF 6-in-1…

World’s Best Instant Plant Booster

Stimulating up to 26-63% More Prolific Growth! Often a heck of a lot more!

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No doubt you’ll be fascinated with these deeper insights into ‘UGF 6-in-1’… World’s Best Instant Plant Booster and how even experienced 2nd & 3rd generation farmers, and growers at the forefront of their industry, are achieving remarkable increases in yield and efficiencies and consequently TRIPLING THEIR PROFITS.

In the ultra-competitive world of Agriculture & Horticulture Shows, even novice exhibitors are breaking through with ribbons & titles including Grand Champion, Best Flower, Best Pumpkin, etc, even in auspicious events including The Royal Sydney Easter Show.

Horticultural celebrities have also been blown away. A well-known radio host and very accomplished gardener, exhibitor & international tour guide, recently grew pumpkins & cabbages 3 times the size of what they’d been used to, that is, before they started using UGF 6-in-1!

So… Have you ever heard of the ‘UNKNOWN GROWTH FACTOR’?

No? Most other people haven’t either.

Put simply, Unknown Growth Factor (UGF) is a term coined by Scientists to describe the phenomenal growth rate of Mahi Mahi (aka Dorado or Dolphin Fish). Those flighty, iridescent, acrobatic characters are the fastest-growing fish on the planet. They can grow to 1kg in 6 months then 10kg in a year!

Their essence, the ‘Unknown Growth Factor’ (UGF), is immensely valuable in helping plants, animals & soil microbes reach their full potential quicker with much greater all-round health.

As far as we know, our scientists are the only ones who know how to capture the delicate UGF essence of super fast-growing fish in its heightened form together with the valuable fish proteins (16 amino acids), omega oils, vitamins & natural growth stimulants & microbes within. Within a liquid emulsion, we protect the UGF essence as no-one else can. More on this shortly.



Not wanting to stop there, we load the emulsion with the best seaweed you can get (2 particular forms of deep-water kelp) plus a unique tonic of crucial ingredients, including over 70 trace elements, extra vitamins & natural growth stimulates for extraordinary, multiplying oomph, stronger resilience and remarkable recovery when plants are seriously challenged.

Since the 1980’s and well before most other producers of fish-based fertilisers existed, it’s taken the best part of 25 years of development:

  • To efficiently harvest the best fast-growing fish from Australia’s most fertile waters, whilst keeping it freshly chilled;
  • To master the proprietary modified cool processing and natural stabilising techniques to best harness the UGF essence and other richness of fast-growing fish;
  • To advance the science of natural enhancements and source the very best ingredients (including rare & expensive components); and
  • To extensively trial the right balance of ingredients to ensure the powerful UGF essence multiplies & impresses!

It’s still early days, but stemming from a multitude of rave reviews & various independent scientific reports, it seems a new World’s Best 6-in-1 is here!

  1. Natural Growth Stimulant
  2. Root Hormone
  3. Organic Fertilizer
  4. Plant Tonic
  5. Soil Conditioner
  6. Microbes Booster

UGF 6-in-1 is a super-concentrated liquid, ready for you to simply dilute with water, apply and quickly elevate your growing prowess like never before.

This special liquid emulsion is now available in commercial quantities. Note, advanced orders are always recommended as sometimes demand outstrips supply.

We strongly suggest you read all of this information in its entirety then click on the ‘SHOP’ link to secure some UGF 6-in-1 for yourself. Then you can get started on a surprising new journey too.

And when you do, you will see a marked improvement in the health of your Farm (crops & grazing livestock), Lawns & Sporting Fields, Gardens & Pot Plants as You’ve Never Seen Them Before. Your Friends, Family, Neighbours Peers & Competitors will wonder ‘How You’ve Done It!’

The Problems with Other Fertilizers

Sick & Tired of Mediocrity with Your Farms & Gardens?

Are 'run-of-the-mill' fertilisers devastating your soil fertility too?

Are your plants dry, limp, lack-lustre, stressed or diseased? Do they suffer upon the first sign of challenging weather conditions? Just not yielding what they should?


Modern soil tests are revealing that chemical fertilisers & harsh manures are causing imbalances that lock-up nutrients, kill-off important soil microbes & reduce water retention. Unfortunately, these imbalances restrict roots, diminish plant health and invite unwanted weeds, pests and diseases which further affect your quality and yield, and the extra expense of treatments are cruel.

Some people turn to soil conditioners such as seaweed & worm castings, but with hardly any macro-nutrients, the results are often minimal.

A big step-up is a quality fish fertiliser, but many producers are cheap & nasty.

They profusely boil various low grade, sometimes half-rotten fish scraps, then add acid to breakdown the bones & scales which destroys much of any remaining goodness. Furthermore, these so-called producers then separate the fish solids for fish meal & pellets (thereby removing virtually all of any remaining nutrients), and then water down the leftover liquid to a low-price point. Some producers even artificially boost the Potassium (the ‘K’ in NPK) with cheap potassium chloride which kills soil microbes quick. Don’t risk it!


Pioneered over 25 years, consider it more like the ORIGINAL & BEST!


As mentioned before, Unknown Growth Factor (UGF) is a term coined by Scientists to describe the phenomenal growth rate of super fast-growing fish, especially Mahi Mahi (aka Dorado or Dolphin Fish) & European Carp. They can grow to 1kg in 6 months then 10kg in a year! They’re said to contain, the ‘Unknown Growth Factor’. These fast-growing fish have a special ability to take up and utilise virtually all the nutrients they consume, consequently they convert feed into body mass much more readily than most other species.

When the entire goodness of carp is protected, stabilised and passed onto plants and animals (including soil microbes) they too have a greater chance of reaching their full potential quicker.

What is UGF 6-in-1… Instant Plant Booster & What Makes It Different?

NEW SCIENTIFIC BREAKTHROUGH developed over 25 years, hailed as…

World’s Best Instant Plant Booster

Stimulating up to 26-63% More Prolific Growth! Often a heck of a lot more!

★ Growth Stimulant

★ Root Hormone

★ Organic Fertiliser

★ Plant Tonic

★ Soil Conditioner

★ Microbes Booster

UGF 6-in-1 is a super-concentrated liquid. GUARANTEED Over 50% Cool Processed, Whole, A1-Grade, Fast Growing Fish – Rich in Valuable Fish Stimulants, Amino Acid Proteins, Omega 3 & 6 Oils PLUS Deepwater Kelp Vitamins & Nutrients.

SCIENTIFICALLY ENHANCED with naturally occurring Humic & Fulvic Acids, Selenium PLUS 70 Trace Elements & Crucial Ingredients. NPK 9:2:6

Uses, Findings & Benefits

A powerful MULTIPLIER in numerous ways! Ideal for:


to stimulate deeper, thicker roots with more fibrous hairs and up to 26-63% more prolific plant growth faster and all-round better health and resilience (thereby virtually eliminating pests & diseases and reducing fungicides and pesticides by upto 50-100%)


 to feed, stimulate & populate micro and macro flora and fauna to better empower them to do their thing including unlocking existing nutrients, feeding & strengthening the roots, aerating the soil and acting as a wetting agent thereby reducing the need for water by up to 33%.


via your pastures for better all-round animal health, liveability and resilience, and empowering digestive systems to improve feed conversion ratios (by up to 15%) and achieve increase weight/muscle mass by up to 25-40% especially when complemented with SELVITA – The World’s Most Exciting Animal Supplements!

Note: Genuine ‘Fair Dinkum’ Customer Photos used


Promotes Massive Root Growth – longer, thicker roots with more fibrous hairs (able to access more nutrients and water


– Beneficial microbes form valuable symbiotic relationships with roots, increase their thickness & multiplies nutrient uptake. The thicker roots act as a storage sink of carbon energy & nutrients to support a stressed plant in times of need.
– With balanced microbes, devastation from bad nematodes and pathogens are contained. All-in-all, cheap insurance!
– Microbes help reverse nutrient lock-up for RICHER, LIVELIER, SOILS
• Faster Ground Coverage helps reduce the number and impact of unwanted weeds.

• Up to 33% Better Water Retention

– There are natural water absorbers within UGF 6-in-1
– By supporting microbe life, water is retained more readily
– Greater root mass helps retain moisture
– Faster ground coverage reduces evaporation and run-off.

PLANT above ground:

  • Up to 25-33% More Prolific Growth! Faster!
  • Seedlings Grow Stronger Faster
  • Greener, denser, healthier leaves (allows more photosynthesis)
  • More Robust Stems with Increased Brix (sugar) Levels
  • More buds, grain, flowers & fruit
  • FLOWERS & FRUIT – Larger, fuller, more vibrant & colourful
  • More Even Growth & Reproduction (incl Tubers)
  • Better Resilience to Frosts & Extreme Hot & Dry
  • Extends Growing Season – Earlier & Later
  • LEAVES more glossy, healthy & dense
  • GRAIN with Higher Protein Levels
  • All-in-all, GREATER YIELD -flowers & fruit, leaf mass & fodder, seed & grain

PLANT above ground:

  • Fewer Pests & Diseases
  • Extends Shelf Life
  • 100% Enviro-Friendly
  • Up to 50% Savings in Fertiliser & Treatments
  • Rejuvenates Old & Stressed Plants
  • Helps Orchids & Sensitive Flowers reach their full potential
  • Lifts Health & Performance of Grazing Livestock
  • Economical -1 Litre Makes 100 Litres
  • Easy to Dilute / Mix
  • Less Farm Maintenance!

The Phenomenon & Science – Part 1: The FISH

Fish has been used as fertiliser for centuries. It contains a high proportion of protein(incl 16 amino acids) which is high in Nitrogen (the ‘N’in the 3 main macronutrients of NPK). The fish protein and carbo-hydrates also have plenty of carbon-based energy. Various vitamins& beneficial microbes a bonus.

Interestingly, fish is commonly a key ingredient in producing compost tea because it feeds & facilitates microbes to populate quicker and compost faster. When looked after properly, fish also empowers beneficial soil microbes to process previously locked-up nutrients, making them bio-available, thereby further enriching the ground & potting mixes for better fertility and all-round health.

Note, there are millions of different soil microbes and whilst some microbial products may contain a few helpful strains, our approach is to empower the hundreds, if not thousands, of various soil microbes already existing in your growing media.

Put it this way, if someone offered you a load of fresh fish and even offered to grind it up & mix it into your soil and growing media, would you jump at the opportunity? Yes, of course – many would!

1a) The Species / Phenomenon of ‘Fast Growth Fish’:

As mentioned earlier, ‘Unknown Growth Factor’ (UGF) is a term coined by Scientists to describe the phenomenal growth rate of Mahi Mahi (aka Dorado or Dolphin Fish) the fastest-growing fish on the planet. They can grow to 1kg in 6 months then 10kg in a year!

Because of their special ability to take up and utilise virtually all the nutrients they consume, they convert feed into body mass much more readily than most other species. Similarly, there are a few fast-growing fish that also contain a much higher proportion of valuable complex proteins(16 amino acids), omega oils& powerful growth stimulants.

The CARP ADVANTAGE:Right up there with the fastest-growing fish is the common european carp. Carp’s unique DNA gives them the advantage of being the ultimate survivors. In the harshest of conditions, where other fish pack up and die, carp not only survive, they thrive and multiply by the thousands!

When their unique goodness is shared with plants, worms, and soil microbes, they too have a greater chance of overcoming stressful situations and reaching their full potential quicker.

European Carp is the main fish base of UGF 6-in-1. Interestingly enough, over the last 25 years, we’ve learned that different ‘fast growth fish’ have different qualities in different environments and seasons, at different stages of growth. For example, adolescent fish tend to have considerably higher levels of particular amino acids than their mature counterparts.

When all the essence and goodness of whole ‘fast-growing fish’ is harnessed correctly, it forms a powerful nutrient for plants & soils microbes, much more so than regular fish –we’ve tried.

To ensure maximum consistency and effectiveness, a range of ‘fast-growing fish’ are sourced from various, ready replenishable areas, at various times of the year.

1b) Parts of the Fish:

ferent parts of fish contain different nutrients -all valuable in their own right.

Although the higher value flesh and roe of both eggs & milt (male sperm) could be separated and sold for human consumption, ALL parts of the fish are included in UGF 6-in-1 to ensure there is a natural, well-balanced consistency for maximum benefits.

Interesting to note that other producers of liquid fish fertilisers separate off the solids for other purposes, and thereby remove much of the nutrients. UGF 6-in-1 utilises everything.

1c) Fish Quality:

The highest quality fish is used in UGF 6-in-1. The fish is either processed immediately upon harvest or otherwise quickly chilled or frozen, fit for human consumption. This is important to capture many of the delicate nutrients in a heightened form.

Worthwhile noting is, how fresh our fish emulsion smells compared to other inferior fish products involving various sometimes half-rotten fish scraps. We’ve kept bottles of ours and others in the warehouse for over 5 years… and where the other products will burn your nostrils and punish your olfactory sensors with a forbidden stench, ALTERNATIVELY, our fish emulsion is like it was caught and made yesterday.

The Phenomenon & Science – Part 2: The PROCESSING

Fish is not easy to stabilise! Fish decomposes quickly, turns rancid and even explosive. Other processors rely on high heat, acid, and chemicals to breakdown fish – destroying many nutrients in doing so.

Over 25 years ago, and well before virtually all other producers of fish-based fertilisers existed, our scientists were pioneering the industry with a unique, secret cool processing technique that captures the powerful UGF essence of fast-growing fish in its heightened form.

This world-leading technique was developed by a team of researchers in consultation with CSIRO (Australia’s leading scientific research organisation) in the early years. One of the master formulators is highly regarded as one of the world’s foremost authority on ‘fast-growing fish’. He’s also been one of the southern hemisphere’s largest fishers, processors and exporters.

Our cool processing method avoids harsh additives and captures & protects the incredible growth, survival & reproductive capabilities of ‘fast-growing fish’. Others have tried, but as far as we know, no-one else goes even close to protecting the powerful UGF essence as we can!

Whilst other liquid fish fertilisers contain globules which block spouts & nozzles, UGF 6-in-1 is ground down to 100 microns, suitable for most spray jets.

The Phenomenon & Science – Part 3: COMPOSITION & ADDED NUTRIENTS

The product is kept as a liquid emulsion because that retains the goodness in its heightened state.

Often plant growing mediums are deficient in micro-nutrients that are essential for plants to flourish. For ultimate growth and performance, these micro-nutrients should be available on a daily basis (not ad hoc) in a bio-available natural form (not synthetic).

Besides the natural balance of 16 amino acid proteins, complex carbohydrates (omega fatty acids & sugars), vitamins and natural stimulants from ‘Fast-Growing Fish’…

UGF 6-in-1 is scientifically enhanced with a multitude of micro-nutrients essential for peak health & performance. All 100% Natural and non-synthetic, carefully compiled over 25 years.

Loaded with deepwater kelp (much more nutritious than ordinary seaweed) and various naturally occurring organic plant products, trace elements & compounds.

In a nutshell, science has quite a way to go in understanding why UGF 6-in-1 is so effective. The balance of fish proteins (16 amino acids), omega oils, natural growth catalysts, vitamins, minerals, and organic compounds are believed to assist in a number of ways, including facilitating soil flora & fauna and their decomposing and multiplying capabilities.


Guaranteed over 50% Cool Processed, Whole, Fast Growing Fish. Plus, loaded with Deepwater Kelp (more nutritious than ordinary seaweed). Rich in Valuable Fish Stimulants, Proteins / Amino Acids, Omega 3 & 6 Oils, Vitamins, Cytokinins, naturally occurring Humic & Fulvic Acids, Sugars & more.


NPK 9:2:6. Nitrogen (N) 9% w/v, Phosphorus (P) 2% w/v, Potassium (K) 6% w/v, Sulphur (S) 1.1%, Calcium (Ca) 888ppm, Magnesium 731 ppm, Boron, Copper, Iron, Manganese, Zinc, Selenium, Cobalt, Carbon & more.

Natural Plant Growth Stimulants / Hormones / Regulators:

  • Triacontanol:  Facilitates root growth and bud production.
  • Auxins:  Facilitates plant body development and various growth and behavioural processes throughout a plant’s life cycle.
  • Cytokinins:  Promotes cell division in plant roots and shoots.
  • Gibberellins (GAs):  Plant hormones that regulate growth and influence various development processes, germination, dormancy, flowering, sex expression, enzyme induction, and leaf and fruit senescence. Source:

Other Compounds

Mannitol:  A natural energy and carbon storage molecule, produced by a plethora of organisms, including bacteria, yeasts, fungi, algae, lichens, and many plants. Source:
Chelating agents:  Compounds that react with metal ions to form a stable, water-soluble complex. They are also known as chelants, chelators, or sequestering agents. Source:
Chelation is useful in providing nutritional supplements. Source:

Application Guidelines

Small test area recommended firstly.


 Dilute 1 part concentrate with 100 parts water (1:100). E.G. 10ml concentrate makes a 1L solution or 1L makes 100L. Can be mixed more concentrated (1:20) or less (1:200). Note: Storing with water can trigger microbial growth so only mix as required. Careful if mixing with other products as a chemical reaction may occur, usually within 24 hours. Test first.

  • NEW PLANTS: Most important at early stages of growth (seed to infant seedlings)! Then throughout the growth cycle if practical.
  • ESTABLISHED PLANTS: Apply before the growing season to stimulate new root growth. Ideal upon first signs of leaf burst & bud-burst, then through fruit formation for better, more consistent harvest & resilience to pests, diseases & extreme weather. Also, apply post-harvest, then prior to dormancy so the energy of fish proteins and oils, etc can be absorbed for a quicker, more vibrant start to next season.
Application Method: 

NGI Scientists recommend apply as a soil drench to stimulate root growth & microbes, plus better systemic uptake. Can also be applied as a foliar. It’s ground down to 100 microns so works well with most applicators, boom sprays & fertigation systems with medium nozzles & decent pressure.

Fruit Trees, Vines, Vegetables, Flowers, Shrubs & Ferns:

Domestic: 20-80ml concentrate (2-8L diluted) per 20sqm. For Fruit Trees, approx 50ml (5L diluted) per large tree. For Vines, approx 30-40ml per vine. Large Commercial: 5-10L concentrate per hectare (2-4L/acre). Apply regularly, refer earlier note for frequency and best timing.

Lawns, Turf & Farms:

Domestic: 100ml concentrate (10L diluted) per 100sqm. Large Commercial: 5-10L concentrate per hectare (2-4L/acre). Apply on seed then regularly repeat. Ideal for freshly laid turf to stimulate new root growth. All-natural, so no with-holding period required for monogastrics (e.g. horses, chickens, pigs). For ruminants suggest 7-10 days with-holding or until the rain, though refer relevant authorities.


Out of the sun. Below 55 Celsius / 131 Fahrenheit. Keep seal clean & dry. SHELF LIFE: Unopened: 2-4 years. Opened (undiluted): 6-18 months. Use any diluted mixture as soon as practical, & within 2 days, to minimise natural microbial growth.

World’s Best Instant Plant Booster

Stimulating up to 26-63% More Prolific Growth! Often a heck of a lot more!


“There is Nothing Else Like This as Advanced, Natural & Powerful”

“Premium Blend – Super Concentrate 1 Litre makes 100 Litres”



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