Rob Russo is a second generation rose grower of the Sydney Hills District.
After a single application of the “UGF 6-in-1 Instant Plant Booster the results were clearly visible within days.


Rob took us around his rose farm and glass houses and described his roses as having bigger, larger, healthier and more rigid stems, bigger heads, thicker and greener leaves and more foliage within 10-14 days of applying the plant booster.
Rob has a drip feed system to irrigate & feed his rose beds. He simply adds the liquid concentrate into the feeder vat and the rest is automatic. The results were further enhanced upon the second application.

Previously, Rob could fit 10 rose bunches in a bucket to go to the market with. Now, he can only fit 5 rose bunches in a bucket because the roses are so much bigger!

The only thing he changed was stopped using a commercial seaweed solution and started using UGF 6-in-1 instead, and it’s like the sizes of his roses have doubled.

At the markets, commercial buyers clearly see the extra value in the size and quality of Rob’s roses and buy his roses before the other commercial growers. With that, Rob can hold strong with his price, is pretty well guaranteed to sell out before other growers and can go home earlier without lugging around leftovers.



Because Rob applies UGF 6-in-1 at the end of the season prior to dormancy, and well before bud burst in the new season, his roses now grow earlier in the season, about 10-14 days ahead of other commercial growers in the region. Because Rob continues to apply UGF 6-in-1 late in the season, his rose bushes still produce commercial quantities of roses after the usual season, for about 10-14 days, whereas other growers cannot. Because Rob has roses outside the regular growing season, commercial buyers are willing to offer Rob more for his roses because of the scarcity of local produce. With better prices, Rob’s profitability is improved considerably.


Rob went back through all his records for the previous 25 years and pointed out that about an extra 28% of roses were yielded in the following years with UGF 6-in-1! There’s a whole separate video and blog on this, but just briefly, when the variety of his rose bushes are grown in the Sydney Region, they typically deliver a flush of roses every 6 weeks, 5 in a season. The flushes now occur about half a week quicker, and with a new extended growing season earlier, an extra flush of roses occurs (20% extra). During the middle 4 flushes, about 8-10% more roses grow. This amounts to about 28% extra yield!

Rob says, “It’s a WIN-WIN-WIN SITUATION!”

WHAT… So what exactly is UGF 6-in-1 Instant Plant Booster, and why is it so effective?

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Just so you know, UGF is short for Unknown Growth Factor – a term coined by Scientists to describe the phenomenal growth rate of Mahi Mahi (aka Dorado or Dolphin Fish). Those flighty, iridescent, acrobatic characters are the fastest-growing fish on the planet. They can grow to 1kg in 6 months then 10kg in a year!

Close behind are European Carp. These also incredibly fast-growing fish have a special ability to convert all the nutrients they consume into body mass much more readily than most other species. Besides this incredible survival edge, they have staggering reproductive capabilities.

Within European Carp is a powerful essence of stimulants & amino acids plus unique micro-nutrients a number of which are quite delicate and need to be nurtured. When this essence is properly captured, it is immensely effective as a plant booster (and the World’s Most Exciting Animal Supplements – a whole other story).

At the end of the day, with the UGF essence, plants and animals can reach their full potential quicker with much greater all-round health.

We could go deeper into what UGF 6-in-1 is here, but that is within another blog. Just know that UGF 6-in-1 is:

  • GUARANTEED Over 50% Cool Processed, Whole, A1-Grade, Fast-Growing Fish – Rich in Valuable Stimulants, Proteins/Amino Acids, Omega Oils, PLUS Deepwater Kelp Vitamins (much more nutritious than seaweed) and various nutrients.
  • SCIENTIFICALLY ENHANCED with naturally occurring Humic & Fulvic Acids, Selenum PLUS 70 Trace Elements & Crucial Ingredients.
  • There is Nothing Else Like This As Advanced, Natural and Powerful!”

UNIQUE… UGF 6-in-1 is unique for a number of reasons, including the formula developed since the 1990’s and the secret, propriety COOL-PROCESSING SYSTEM. We believe these things protect and enhance the UGF essence way better than anyone else can.

HOW TO APPLY… Also elaborated on in another blog, but just briefly, all you need to do, is simply shake or mix UGF 6-in-1 well before use to ensure any settled ingredients are spread throughout and then dilute with water and apply as a soil drench and/or foliate. The rule of thumb is dilute 1:100 with water then apply a light-medium watering, semi-often. In the case of using a boom spray it may be more practical for you to only dilute 1:40 (minimum) or in the case of wanting to get more even spread and wanting to water at the same time, you may prefer to dilute say 1:200 or so.


WHEN TO APPLY… For roses and other perennials, apply UGF 6-in-1 just before the growing season to stimulate new growth, then regularly upon first signs of leaf burst & bud-burst, and then through flower and fruit formation for better, more consistent harvest & resilience to pests, diseases & extreme weather. Also apply post-harvest, then prior to dormancy so the energy of fish proteins and oils and micro-nutrients can be absorbed and stored for a quicker, more vibrant start in the next season.

For annuals, our scientists explain that UGF 6-in-1 is best shared as early in the growth cycle as possible. On or with the seed / tuber is ideal, upon early shoot, then regularly throughout the growth cycle as practical.

USES… UGF 6-in-1 is popular in:

  • Agriculture (for grain growing, fruits and vegetables, baling, stock feed, pastures and livestock grazing)
  • The Turf Industry (turf growers and sports turf managers)
  • Horticulture (fruits, vegetables, cut flowers and pot plants)
  • Permaculture
  • Home gardening (lawns, fruits, vegetables, indoor and outdoor plants, bonsais)

Sizes of UGF 6-in-1 range from 250ml up to 1,000L IBC (shuttles) and you can purchase straight from the website or by phone, 7 days a week. For more information, simply visit

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