Healthier Roses: How To Protect Against Pests & Diseases…

Video Transcript

0:35 Insights from Rob’s Rose Farm
1:00 BEFORE: Pesticides and Fungicides were applied twice a week
1:35 HOW the Special Fish & Kelp Emulsion is Applied
2:00 “The Plant is So Much Healthier!”
2:30 “No more powdery mildew, no pests, no nothing anymore”
2:47 Not much investment, but saves $10,000’s
3:05 “It’s a win-win-win situation”

UGF 6-in-1… World’s Best INSTANT PLANT BOOSTER containing the ‘Unknown Growth Factor’ as specially harnessed from cool-processed, fast-growing fish. Due to increasing demand, advanced orders are always recommended.

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