Best Roses Ever … Bigger Heads, Stems Like Baseball Bats… ‘Unknown Growth Factor’

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Instant Breakthrough… EARLIER GROWTH & SUPERIOR ROSES after just 3 weeks!
A Rare and Revealing Interview with a Normally Secret Professional Rose Grower. (Part 1 of 3)

0:00 Greener, healthier, bigger, longer, thicker, more rigid. They’re like a baseball bat.
0:30 Intro to Rob Russo, 2nd generation rose grower of the Sydney Hills District.
1:19 1st thing – how thick and strong these stalks are.
1:29 Longer, thicker, more rigid, more healthy.
1:48 Leaves are just so green.
2:16 A new regeneration
2:48 Like a baseball bat.
3:09 Increased bunch size
3:50 Better price per bunch
4:17 Coolroom: Glossy Foliage, nice head, sensational looking roses

The leaves are just so green, they’re just so thick, bigger stems, bigger heads, more foliage, greener foliage, more healthy, just more rigid, longer and thicker. They’re like a baseball bat.
What a rose should look like but often rarely does.

Hello, it’s Brett Bramble here from the Natural Growth Institute and I’m here with Rob Russo and he’s a second generation rose grower of the Sydney Hills District.
We’ve only just arrived to Rob’s farm.
Now Rob, you’ve just started using the product which is the Advanced Fish & Kelp Fertiliser with a lot of added supplements in it, called ‘Unknown Growth Factor’.
Now you got this only about 3 weeks ago, yes 3 1/2 weeks ago, and after about 10-14 days I could see the difference was awesome.
Ok, well stay tuned for the rest of this video, stay right to the very end and we’re going to follow Rob around his glass houses and get some of the insights and the differences.

The 1st thing we notice is how thick & strong these stalks are. You know, what a rose should look like but rarely does.
Longer and thicker, just more healthy, more rigid.
These ones we did about 9 days ago, just one application and I can already see the results… the leaves are just so green, so thick.
Usually a mature stem would be sometimes that thick, and now mature stems are that thick.
A little bit larger, just if you’ve got a bigger head, and you can see the stem, you’re obviously going to have a better flower.

Did you notice using the new fertiliser a new regeneration?
Exactly right, a new regneration. It’s happened very quickly.
Straight into the drip feed. Ok, so the irrigation water went out and the UNKNOWN GROWTH FACTOR was there.
These were 2 applications and you can see some of the stems… they’re a lot higher… they’re like a baseball bat. They’re a lot higher.

I couldn’t believe it, I really just couldn’t believe it.
That’s why I decided to do the whole farm.

Now you were just telling a little about the bunches and how they’re much thicker… really a bunch would be about this big, we grow magnum roses, and today they’re about this big and I can only get 5 bunches in a bucket. We usually do 10 bunches in a bucket, but I can only get 5 bunches in a bucket. So if you did out 10 bunches of roses in a bucket… No, it would overflow.
Does that mean you can get a better price per bunch? Yes, better price per bunch. The people will look at that and see the difference in the quality, the difference in the head size, etc and I can charge more.
So because it’s a healthier rose, healthier stalk, healthier leaf, better presentation, you’ll get a better price for the bunch… exactly right, it’s just a win-win-win situation.

Coolroom: Glossy Foliage, nice head… they’re sensational looking roses.
So how many stems do yo have in that bucket? There’s 50 stems in the bucket. I’ll show you some bunched ones, you’ll see there’s 5 bunches. There’s 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.

You put it all down to ‘UNKNOWN GROWTH FACTOR’ Rob? Well, as soon as we started using it, I could see the difference straight away.

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